Sansanas know the advantages of doing postgraduate studies at the House of Studies

23 - March - 2023

By: Nicolás Jara, Journalist. InES Gender Project.
21 – March – 2023
The activity is part of a campaign to increase the admission and retention of women to the scientific master’s and doctoral programs of the House of Studies.

Students of different careers from the Federico Santa María Technical University learned about the Master’s and Doctorate programs of the House of Studies, in an informative breakfast organized by the Postgraduate and Programs Directorate (DPP) and the InES Gender Project.

The instance was developed within the framework of the “Mujeres al Postgrado” campaign, which seeks to increase the admission and retention of women to the scientific master’s degrees and doctorates of the University, through activities that promote research and encourage female students to learn about and enter the specialization of your interest.

During the meeting, the young women shared experiences with their peers and talked with the teachers of the programs attached to the initiative, raising their concerns and finding out about lines of research and other operational aspects related to the application.

Britney Sandon, a student of Electronic Civil Engineering, decided to participate because she has been considering doing a postgraduate degree for a long time. In this regard, she commented that “we are at a time when it is important to accompany all women interested in postgraduate courses, especially in STEM areas. For many years, these spaces have been occupied mostly by men and a lot of talent has been lost for generations, so now all those who want to develop and improve must be encouraged to the maximum”.

Meanwhile, Javiera Tapia, a student of the Civil Industrial Engineering degree, highlighted the possibility of being able to dialogue with the professors and obtain feedback from her. “It gave me a lot of closeness to be able to see them, listen to them and that they encouraged us to ask questions. I would very much like to continue participating in these activities, since I learned many things that I did not know. That they open these types of spaces informs us and brings women much closer to postgraduate studies, ”she said.

Reduce gaps and rescue talent

One of the professors who participated in the informative breakfast was César Silva, director of the Doctorate in Electronic Engineering and the Master of Science in Electronic Engineering, who mentioned that “there is a percentage of women in the process of creating knowledge in postgraduate and research which is still low. It is very important that actions are taken to close this gap and take advantage of the talent of all members of the community in the knowledge creation process”.

For his part, Harvey Zambrano, director of the Doctorate in Mechanical Engineering and Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering, said that this type of campaign is essential to reduce the gender gap in research in Master’s and Doctorate programs. “Mechanical Engineering is one of the areas most affected by the gender gap. That is something that is changing in important ways, but those changes need to be pushed harder. We are going to continue working so that many more women continue to participate, ”he said.