The development of scientific and technological research is a fundamental and permanent concern for our institution because we understand that, in addition to being an essential role of our entire University, it is an indispensable pillar for the construction of welfare and world development. In this aspect, our University carries out numerous projects through our own funding as well as grants.

In addition, the advances achieved in state-of-the-art must be disseminated and known to make a real contribution towards progress. In this sense, the Department of Electrical Engineering publishes in journals, organizes, and participates in conferences, seminars, and congresses, both nationally and internationally. The number of publications in ISI Journals and Conferences per year is below.

Work Areas

High Voltage

The scope of this area is focused on the following aspects: the development and improvement of high-voltage generation and measurement systems; design of high-voltage insulation and study of dielectric materials; modeling of the electric field and analysis of its effects on electrical insulation; research and characterization of degradation and aging mechanisms of insulation systems; design of tests and new measurement techniques for diagnostic purposes and estimation of the useful life of electrical equipment; and coordination of insulation in electrical systems.

 Electrical Machines and Drives

This area is concerned with the integration of electrical machines and static converters in electrical systems, through the study of the following topics: modeling of electrical devices and their application to power systems and electrical drives; transient phenomena in electrical machines; power electronics, including topologies of static converters; control systems and applications; control of electrical machines;  advanced computational modeling of electromagnetic devices, considering electrical, magnetic, thermal and dynamic effects.

 Power and Energy Systems

The Energy and Power Systems (SEP) area seeks to integrate the technological, economic, environmental, and regulatory dimensions of energy production, conversion, transportation, distribution, and consumption, emphasizing on power systems. The main research topics in the area are: dynamic analysis of power systems; optimization under uncertainty and reliability in the energy sector; operation and control of power systems; generation and transmission planning in interconnected systems; integration of emerging technologies (renewable energies, storage, smart grids, electromobility, among others); design of energy markets and regulatory analysis; analysis of energy and power systems from the technical, economic, environmental, and regulatory points of view.